Evaluating print and broadcast news in the San Francisco Bay Area from A to F.

Local media news


March 2006

Workers' plea: 'Save the Merc'
  Los Angeles Times 3/17/06

KRON, others mix ads and news
  Hollywood Reporter 3/15/06

State of the News Media 06
  Proj. for Excellence in Journ., 3/06

February 2006

Merc: More than just a business
  M. Cassidy, SJ Merc. News 2/21/06

Inside the Knight Ridder sale
  Lexington Herald-Leader 2/19/06

Analyst: 60% chance of KR sale
  San Jose Mercury News 2/18/06

County discloses some salaries
  Marin Independent Journal 2/18/06

Newspapers dumbing down
  Salon.com 2/17/06

Radio host badmouths Cheney
  San Francisco Chronicle 2/17/06

Examiner pub grabs L.A. domain
  Los Angeles Times 2/17/06

Investor backs union's KR bid
  San Jose Mercury News 2/16/06

Career site complicates KR sale
  Financial Times 2/16/06

Journo panel matters in KR sale
  San Jose Mercury News 2/14/06

FBI probes Bee's terror leak
  Sacramento Bee 2/14/06

Ex's White House correspondent
  Poynter's Romenesko blog 2/13/06

Where Bayosphere went wrong
  BusinessWeek 2/20/06 edition

KR sale depends on journalism
  San Jose Mercury News 2/11/06

Guild progresses in KR buyout
  Poynter's Romenesko blog 2/10/06

Bill would close some meetings
  Cal. Newsp. Pubs. Assn. 2/10/06

Alt. weekly merger bodes ill
  SF Bay Guardian 2/8/06

New Gawker Silicon Valley blog
  San Francisco Chronicle 2/7/06

Journos should be accountable
  San Jose Mercury News 2/2/06

Craigslist hurts alt papers
  SF Bay Guardian 2/1/06

Ex head in conservative group
  Hotlineblog 2/1/06

Ridder ad obsession accurate
  BusinessWeek 2/1/06

More papers going free
  Presstime February 2006

January 2006

Alt-weekly merger closes
  Assoc. Alt. Newsweeklies 1/31/06

New citizen-journo venture
  Glaser's PBS MediaShift 1/31/06

Papers worth more than $.50
  Sv/SJ Business Journal 1/27/06

SPJ statement on Knight Ridder
  Soc. of Prof. Journalists 1/26/06

SPJ: Debate Knight Ridder sale
  Editor & Publisher 1/25/06

SF Weekly's unethical reporter
  SF Bay Guardian 1/25/06

McClatchy exec on KR purchase
  Editor & Publisher 1/25/06

Profile: KR investor Sherman
  Amer. Journalism Rev. Jan.-Feb. 06

Reporter becomes speechwriter
  Sacramento Bee 1/25/06

Papers' union FAQ on KR bid
  Knight Ridder Watch 1/24/06

'Citizen journalism' disappoints
  Bayosphere.com 1/24/06

Knight Ridder plans big cuts
  Wall Street Journal 1/24/06

Journalism students change outlook
  Hartford Courant 1/19/06

Media ignore global warming
  Washington Post 1/18/06

Buffet buys Business Wire
  San Francisco Chronicle 1/18/06

S. bay publisher enters politics
  Gilroy Dispatch 1/16/06

KR meets potential buyers
  San Jose Mercury News 1/14/06

Knight Ridder, bidders, talk
  Charleston Post & Courier 1/13/06

SF Magazine kills hot story
  San Francisco Chronicle 1/13/06

Salon runs killed SF Mag story
  Salon.com 1/13/06

Earlier: SF Mag's new owners
  San Francisco Chronicle 11/20/05

Newspapers: team up on Google
  Businessweek 1/13/06

KR bidders gain partners
  Los Angeles Times 1/11/06

Bay Guardian's big redesign
  SF Bay Guardian 1/11/06

Bidders still looking at KR
  Philadelphia Inquirer 1/12/06

Knight Ridder to meet suitors
  San Jose Mercury News 1/7/06

Chron catches miner story error
  San Francisco Chronicle 1/5/06

Merc's Harry Farrell dies at 81
  San Jose Mercury News 1/1/06

Stopping presses on mine story
  Poynter Institute 1/5/06

Blogs 'bigger than Jesus'
  Philadelphia Inquirer 1/5/06

December 2005

KRON's Lee moves to KGO-TV
  Contra Costa Times 12/31/05

Worker-friendly KR buyout plan
  The Guardian, London 12/30/05

Tony Ridder one to watch in '06
  SV/SJ Business Journal 12/30/05

Answering back to the media
  New York Times 1/2/06

'Citizen journalism': 4 kinds
  Editors Weblog 12/29/05

KR won't sell individual papers
  Editor & Publisher 12/28/05

Chron's dubious math correction
  SF Weekly 12/28/05

Secrets of right-wing punditry
  SF Weekly 12/28/05

Ridder facing moment of truth
  Los Angeles Times 12/25/05

Big Brother is watching
  Oakland Tribune 12/23/05

Bush to papers: drop spy news
  Editor & Publisher 12/26/05

MoveOn's case against Tribune
  New York Times 12/26/05

Cuts lead top 10 media stories
  Editor & Publisher 12/23/05

Current TV a work in progress
  Mediaweek 12/19/05

Why Garcia left Chron for Ex
  San Francisco Examiner 12/16/05

Times criticized for spy story
  USA Today 12/18/05

Columnist took Abramoff payoff
  New York Times 12/17/05

Alt-weekly merger roadblock
  SF Bay Guardian 12/14/05

SFBG v. SFW suit moves ahead
  SF Bay Guardian 12/14/05

Nervous in LA over merger
  Los Angeles Times 12/14/05

Chron may sell printing presses
  San Francisco Chronicle 12/14/05

Topix does citizen journalism
  San Jose Mercury News 12/13/05

Commuter tabs lack depth
  Editor & Publisher 12/11/05

Journalism cuts disgraceful
  Newsday op-ed 12/12/05

Hoping McClatchy buys KR
  Amer. Journalism Review 12/12/05

SF Chron loses ads and readers
  Los Angeles Times 12/11/05

Bidders for KR emerge
  San Jose Mercury News 12/10/05

CBS's super SF Web site
  CBS PublicEye 12/9/05

Knight Ridder bid deadline
  Philadelphia Inquirer 12/9/05

CA agency's video-PR barred
  Reporters Comm. for F.P. 12/8/05

Old media vs. new math: Wall St. bearish on profitable papers
  New York Times 12/8/05

Shy investor shakes up papers
  New York Times 12/8/05

Case for keeping papers around
  New York Times 12/8/05

Class's PR prank on papers
  Contra Costa Times 12/8/05

Gannet Co. mum on KR bid
  San Jose Mercury News 12/8/05

Gannet's 'hard look' at KR
  Editor & Publisher 12/7/05

Chron handled 9/11 story well
  Editor & Publisher 12/6/05

MoveOn opposes cuts at papers
  Editor & Publisher 12/8/05

MoveOn confronts Trib execs
  CJRdaily.org 12/7/05

Faux news is bad news
  Hartford Courant 12/8/05

Press releases drive journalism
  Bong Bong.com 12/8/05

Protect anonymous sources
  Slate.com 12/7/05

Suit on government secrecy
  Associated Press 12/6/05

Cartoonists to protest job cuts
  Editor & Publisher 12/6/05

Ken Garcia to the Examiner
  Romenesko @ Poynter.org 12/6/05

CBS 5's Doug Murphy dies
  CBS 5 Eyewitness News 12/6/05

Chron omits views on homeless
  BeyondChron.org 12/5/05

Knight Ridder's future
  Gillmor on Bayosphere.com 12/4/05

Perils of Wall St. paper control
  CJR Daily 12/5/05

Firms might buy Knight Ridder
  San Jose Mercury News 12/2/05

What if al Qaeda planted news?
  SF Chron 'Bad Reporter' 12/2/05

SF-based Salon.com beats odds
  San Francisco Chronicle 12/1/05

Knight Ridder sale scenarios
  CJR Daily 12/5/05

MoveOn protests Tribune cuts
  Crain's Chicago Business 12/5/05

The price of U.S. propaganda
  J. Alter, Newsweek 12/5/05

The press should regulate itself
  Washington Post 12/4/05

Newspapers face challenges
  Ft. Worth Star-Telegram 12/4/05

Investor puts papers in play
  Los Angeles Times 12/4/05

Wall St. fears KR buyout
  Reuters 12/2/05

Fight to save KR newspapers
  J. Porter, Phila. Daily News 12/2/05

Hill hearings on planted news
  New York Times 12/2/05

November 2005

Old journalism vs. new media
  Village Voice 11/29/05

Locals should buy KR papers
  Jay Rosen, HuffingtonPost 11/21/05

Poor timing for KR sale talk
  Los Angeles Times 11/21/05

A bad week for newspapers
  New York Times 11/21/05

Blackstone eyes Knight Ridder
  The Business Online 11/20/05

Newspaper Guild 'Concerned' About Possible Knight Ridder Deal
  Editor & Publisher 11/15/05

Pressured, Knight Ridder ponders sale of company
  New York Times via Free Press 11/15/05

Shareholder Pressure Leads Knight Ridder to Announce Sale
  Washington Post 11/15/05

Ridder letter to KR employees
  Romenesko blog at Poynter.org 11/14/05

Will Anschutz buy Knight Ridder?
  Denver Business Journal via Yahoo! 11/14/05

Dark Knight: Why would anyone want to buy Knight Ridder?
  Slate.com 11/14/05

Knight Ridder Makes It Official
  Business Week 11/14/05

Knight Ridder Announces Exploration of Strategic Alternatives
  Knight Ridder PR 11/14/05

Knight Ridder ‘in play’
  The [Columbia, S.C.] State 11/13/05

'Mercury-News' Avoids Layoffs -- After 52 Buyouts

  AP via Editor & Publisher 11/12/05

San Jose Mercury News avoids layoffs as it cuts 52 newsroom jobs
  AP via Mercury News 11/11/05

Saving Newspapers: As Circulation Rates Slip and the Blogosphere Grows, Newspapers Need to Rediscover Their Roots
  ABCnews.com 11/10/05

Knight Ridder Scenarios
  Outsellinc.com 11/3/05

Dark days for newspapers
  Agence France Presse 11/13/05

Ex-Chron pub to head Chamber
  San Francisco Chronicle 11/11/05

SF broadband plan flawed
  SF Bay Guardian 11/11/05

Knight Ridder's flawed strategy
  Business Week 11/21/05 edition

'NewsVine': citizen journalism
  Seattle Post-Intelligencer 11/11/05

Bush's war against the media
  NYT via Free Press 11/11/05

Gay media firms to merge
  Los Angeles Times 11/10/05

State: block alt-weekly merger
  SF Bay Guardian 11/9/05

New Times challenges Craigslist
  Boston Herald 11/10/05

Merc outsources news to Mexico
  East Bay Express 11/2/05

Richmond's public-records fix
  Contra Costa Times 11/3/05

Local SPJ dissents on Miller
  ANG Newspapers 11/1/05

More Knight Ridder sale talk
  Reuters via Yahoo 11/10/05

How to save newspapers
  Austin Amer.-Statesman 11/9/05

Newspapers: go out swinging
  Newsthinking.com 11/9/05

Print journalism's future
  Christian Science Monitor 11/9/05

Knight Ridder investor: up profit
  San Jose Mercury News 11/9/05

Bay Area papers lose circulation
  San Francisco Chronicle 11/8/05

US newspaper circ falls 2.6%
  AP via Wall St. Journal 11/7/05

Village Voice's new owner
  New York Magazine 11/7/05

Activists vs. Midwest TV licenses
  Broadcasting and Cable 11/7/05

Chronicle circulation plummets
  Editor & Publisher 11/7/05

Fresno gay-student story OKd
  AP via Monterey Herald 11/5/05

Chron took words from NYer
  San Francisco Chronicle 11/5/05

Celebrated Pt. Reyes Light sold
  Marin Independent Journal 11/4/05

Newspapers at a crossroads
  Columbia Journ. Rev. Nov.-Dec. '05

Knight Ridder mulls sale
  San Jose Mercury News 11/3/05

Molotov cocktail hits newspaper
  San Francisco Chronicle 11/3/05

2nd company wants KR to sell
  Editor & Publisher 11/3/05

Pressure on KR unsurprising
  St. Petersburg Times 11/3/05

Knight Ridder and consolidation
  Wall Street Journal 11/3/05

October 2005

Caldwell pioneered press shield
  San Francisco Chronicle 10/30/05

Alt-weeklies losing their souls
  San Francisco Chronicle 10/30/05

Journalism: truth and ego
  San Francisco Chronicle 10/27/05

Papers defy mil., mark 2K dead
  Ed. & Pub. 10/27/05

Regulators should block Village Voice-New Times merger deal
  SF Bay Guardian 10/26/05

Debating alt-weekly merger
  Arizona Republic 10/25/05

Leo Bogart, media sociologist, dies
 New York Times 10/19/05

SPJ conferees applaud Miller
 AP via Free Press 10/18/05

Ads in SF Google wireless
  Dow Jones via F.P. 10/17/05

TV political talkers 14% women
  San Francisco Chronicle 10/13/05

Google WiFi threatens papers
  MediaPost.com 10/7/05

Cuts at papers follow ad slump
  New York Times 10/10/05

Newspapers losing readership
  Los Angeles Times 10/10/05

Yahoo threatens newsrooms
  Online Journalism Rev. 10/5/05

Bias charged in photo cropping
  San Francisco Chronicle 10/2/05

Privacy fears re Google wireless
  CNet News via FP 10/1/05

Columnist may return gov't money
  E&P via FP 10/3/05

Gov't 'propaganda' broke law
  New York Times 10/1/05

September 2005

Comcast wins new SF contract
  Bay City News via RTM 9/29/05

Mayor denies KGO charges
  San Francisco Sentinel 9/29/05

Newsom says he's not corrupt
  KGO-TV 9/28/05

Chronicle's labor 'train wreck'
  SF Weekly 9/28/05

Chronicle union rolled over
  SF Bay Guardian 9/28/05

Trust in news media rebounds
  Editor & Publisher 9/28/05

Newspaper cuts worry analysts
  Editor & Publisher 9/28/05

Newspaper cutbacks ominous
  Editor & Publisher 9/25/05

Newspapers staff cuts hit bone
  Editor & Pub. via Free Press 9/22/05

Chronicle searches for identity
  Amer. Journ. Review 10-11/05

SF Weekly editor retires
  Romenesko (Poynter.org) 9/20/05

Chron: Burning Man over Katrina
  SF Weekly 9/14/05

Media have good Katrina access
  San Francisco Chronicle 9/14/05

Seattle fears alt-weekly merger
  The Stranger 9/8/05

Don't destroy TV news to save it
  Los Angeles Times 9/12/05

Guardian chief's baseless attack
  SF Weekly 9/7/05

Chron writer panned auto, fired
  Editor & Publisher 9/7/05

P.A. Daily News' ad-news mix
  Palo Alto Weekly 9/7/05

Ten most censored news stories
  SF Bay Guardian 9/7/05

August 2005

Plans for mini Merc ditched
  Metro Silicon Valley 8/31/05

CA Assembly urges shield law
  Editor & Publisher 8/31/05

Peterson scoop kept reporter
  Arizona Republic 8/29/05

Merc halts talks with union
  Romenesko (Poynter.org) 8/29/05

J-Prof: PR more acceptable
  Christian Science Monitor 8/29/05

Penn's Iran stories 'compelling'
  MarketWatch 8/29/05

Profit pressures pinch journos
  Baltimore Sun 8/28/05

New Knight Ridder news VP
  Romenesko (Poynter.org) 8/27/05

Alt-weekly merger plan drafted
  SF Bay Guardian 8/24/05

Merc backtracks on redesign
  SJ Mercury News 8/21/05

News as American as America
  Knight Foundation, May 2005

'Rumors' of alt-weekly merger
  SF Bay Guardian 8/24/05

Chron bought insulting domains
  East Bay Express 8/24/05

Knight Ridder news VP retires
  Knight Ridder corporate 8/22/05

Daly-Sentinel feud over blog
  San Francisco Sentinel 8/22/05

'Both sides' reporting flawed
  San Francisco Chronicle 8/19/05

TV reporter gives to Dems
  Sacto. News & Review 8/18/05

Asians vs. 'tsunami' radio DJ
  New California Media 8/17/05

Sean Penn's Iran story in Chron
  AP via Yahoo 8/17/05

North Bay publisher retiring
  Sta. Rosa Press Democrat 8/17/05

SF pol calls Web site a PAC
  San Francisco Chronicle 8/17/05

Is journalism striking out?
  Editor & Publisher 8/15/05

Cartoonist deletes gay joke
  San Francisco Chronicle 8/15/05

Gov's 'pay to play' journalism
  Los Angeles Times 8/13/05

July 2005

Books on media polarization
  NY Times Book Review 7/31/05

Nevius: Are blogs journalism?
  San Francisco Chronicle 7/30/05

Chronicle union ratifies contract; paper to lose 120 more jobs
  San Francisco Chronicle 7/28/05

Too much celebrity coverage
  American Press Institute 7/26/05

Kristof: Cover Sudan, not Brad
  The New York Times 7/26/05

Vote due on Chron labor deal
  National Public Radio 7/26/05

Tentative labor deal at Chron
  N. Calif. Media Workers 7/26/05

Guild, Chron reach deal
  San Francisco Chronicle 7/25/05

Al Gore's new 'Current TV'
  New York Times 7/25/05

On use of anonymous sources
  San Francisco Chronicle 7/24/05

Chron labor deadline looms
  San Francisco Chronicle 7/22/05

Gore TV network nonpartisan
  AP via SF Chronicle 7/19/05

Rove under 'gotcha' attack
  San Francisco Chronicle 7/14/05

Chronicle publisher perpared to print even if there's a strike
  SF Bay Guardian 7/12/05

Union pickets SF Chronicle
  San Francisco Chronicle 7/12/05

County limits public info
  Contra Costa Times 7/10/05

Gov. no longer press darling
  Los Angeles Times 7/10/05

NLRB raps one Chron union
  San Francisco Chronicle 7/6/05

Reporter jailing points to need for federal journalist shield law
  Calif. First Amend. Coalition 7/6/05

Merc's drastic redesign
  Tim Porter blog 7/2/05

June, 2005

Merc disconcerts readers
  Columbia Journalism Rev. 6/29/05

 Examiner to publish weekends
  Editor & Publisher 6/30/05

Chronicle, union talk of layoffs
  San Francisco Chronicle 6/30/05

SF Weekly monopolizes ads
  San Francisco Chronicle 6/29/05

SF Weekly deal stinks
  SF Bay Guardian 6/29/05

Chron offers podcasts
  San Francisco Chronicle 6/29/05

Chron, union continue talks;
Merc, union talks halt
  San Jose New Guild 6/28/05

Va. stations focus on crime (cites Grade the News)
  The Daily Press 6/26/05

Liberal columnist: I confess
  San Francisco Chronicle 6/22/05

Newspaper industry will recover
  The Wall Street Journal 6/21/05

D.N. compares well with Merc;
Why bother grading news?;
GTN: reading between the lines;
Grading news a waste of time;
  The Paly Voice 6/16/05

Knight Ridder stock disappoints
  Reuters 6/14/05

Penn scribes for Chron
  New York Sun 6/15/05

Local TV infotainment
  Rocky Mountain News 6/11/05

Trust in press hits bottom
  Editor & Publisher 6/10/05

1 in 4 prefers ethnic media
  ANG Newspapers 6/8/05

Chron, union in labor talks
  Editor & Publisher 6/10/05

'Alicia's story' wins praise
  'Romenesko' at Poynter 6/10/05

10% could be cut at Chron
  Editor & Publisher 6/7/05

May 2005

Berkeley, other j-schools team up to examine broadcast news
  San Francisco Chronicle 5/26/05

Possible merger of alt-weeklies
  SF Bay Guardian 5/25/05

Multilingual poll by SF press org
  CIIJ at SFSU 5/26/05

Fong-Torres speaks to grads
  CIIJ at SFSU 5/26/05

Mob justice: CNN's Nancy Grace
  San Francisco Chronicle 5/20/05

Ex Merc ed's enviro column
  Editor and Publisher 5/19/05

Two weeks Late, Mercury News shows circ declines;
Merc exec explains big circ drop
  Editor and Publisher 5/17/05

'Darth Vega' rescues Chron;
Chron strike unlikely
  SF Weekly 5/4/05

April 2005

Examiner owner's media stake
  Business Week 4/25/05

CC Times finds letter faker
  Editor & Publisher 4/25/05

Gay-marriage story riles fans
  San Francisco Chronicle 4/21/05

Single critic quoted on Muni
  BeyondChron.org 4/20/05

Exaggerating Newsom's support
  Chris Daly's blog 4/19/05

SF gives up blog censorship
Editorial: leave bloggers alone
  SF Bay Guardian 4/13/05

Chronicle wins a photo Pulitzer
  San Francisco Chronicle 4/4/05

February 2005

Washington's new Examiner
  Washington Post 2/1/05

January 2005

Examiner photog. Caldwell dies
  KGO-TV 1/31/05

Chron Iraq editorial too dour
  ChronWatch.com 1/31/05

Focusing on Laura Bush's dress
  NY Press via Alternet 1/31/05

Examiner spinoff in Washington
  Richmond Times-Dispatch 1/30/05

Examiner ad called anti-PLO
  Denver Post 1/29/05

Reformers' court victory over FCC on media concentration
  Media Alliance 1/27/05

Arnold frustrating to cover
  Am. Journalism Review Dec-Jan/05

Raid on BALCO for Chron source
  San Francisco Chronicle 1/27/05

Chron not alone in subpoenas
  Am. Journalism Review Dec-Jan/05

Knight Ridder mulls free papers
  Reuters 1/26/05

Racist tsunami radio song
  BeyondChron.org 1/26/05

Blogs come of age
  San Francisco Chronicle 1/24/05

KRON cuts corners, expands
  Contra Costa Times 1/21/05

Micro-station KNOZ shut down
  Sacto. News & Review 1/20/05

Chron was fair to pro-life side
  ChronWatch.com 1/20/05

Chron's great BALCO coverage
  San Francisco Magazine Feb. 2005

Sponsors pad Chron circulation
  BeyondChron.org 1/20/05

Mother Jones' new editor
  MotherJones.com 1/13/05 2005

Robin Williams talks to Chron
  Editor & Publisher 1/19/05

Unions opposing open government
  Calif. 1st Amend. Coalition 1/16/05

Gov. releases meeting records
  Calif. 1st Amend. Coalition 1/12/05

Judge unseals SF suit records
  Associated Press 1/11/05

The government is watching
  "No Place to Hide," from Center for
  Investigative Reporting 1/12/05

Fangs sue Examiner owners
  San Francisco Chronicle 1/12/05

2004's under-reported stories
  With John McManus, GradetheNews
  and Andrew Lam, Pac. News. Svc.
  KQED's 'Forum' 12/24/04

TV execs admit Iraq distortion
  Broadcasting&Cable via FP 1/10/05

Chron Newsom profile flawed
  BeyondChron.org 1/5/05

Coming war at the Chronicle
  BeyondChron.org 1/3/05

Sponsors boost papers' circ.
  New York Times 1/10/05

Columnist keeps gov't payola
  USA Today 1/9/05

Gary Webb 'mostly right'
  Chicago Tribune 1/06/05

Journalism's future: distributed
  Dan Gillmor blog 1/05/05

Craigslist ads hurt Chronicle
  Timporter.com 1/03/05

December 2004

2004's under-reported stories
  KQED's 'Forum' 12/24/04

Craigslist costs papers millions
  ClickZ News 12/27/04

Gillmor & online journalism
  OhMyNews.com 12/12/04

Examiner grabs name nationally
  Denver Post 12/21/04

Chron pub. broke Detroit strike
  Detroit Free Press 12/18/04

Chronicle gets new publisher
  San Francisco Chronicle 12/18/04

Webb on target with CIA, crack
  SF Bay Guardian 12/15/04

2004's bad journalism news
  Los Angeles Times 12/19/04

Bill Moyers retires
  New York Times 12/17/04

Research: journalists ethical
  Poynter Institute 12/17/04

Why the public hates journalists
  Chicago Reader 12/17/04

Webb wrong, but close to truth
  The Nation 12/17/04

LAT railroaded CIA-crack story
  LA Weekly 12/17/04

Garry Webb, stubborn reporter
  San Jose Mercury News 12/16/04

Why the focus on Peterson?
  Chicago Tribune 12/16/04

When news becomes personal
  Oakland Tribune 12/16/04

FCC under conservative spell
  San Francisco Chronicle 12/16/04

Redwood City w/o Peterson?
  San Francisco Chronicle 12/15/04

Oakland black weekly sold
  AP via E&P 12/14/04

End of Peterson media circus
  Boston Globe 12/14/04

Merc reporter Garry Webb dead; explored CIA-crack connection
  SJ Mercury News 12/12/04

Garry Webb was right
  BeyondChron.org 12/13/04

Beverly Kees, Bay Area journalist, dies at 63
  Bay City News via KGO 12/10/04

Gillmor leaves Merc for start-up
  Siliconbeat.com 12/10/04

Chron's puff piece on homeless
  BeyondChron.org 12/7/04

CCT publisher to oversee Merc
  Romenesko (Poynter.org) 12/6/04

Merc publisher old CCT hand
  Knight Ridder PR 12/6/04

Give back SF taxes, Hearst
  BeyondChron.org 12/3/04

In Chile, readers pick news
  Christian Science Monitor 12/1/04

November 2004

Whites at black-college papers
  SFSU Newswatch 11/30/04

S.F. Examiner owner profiled
  Washington Post 11/21/04

Sudan news off media's radar
  San Francisco Chronicle 11/21/04

The great media breakdown
  Mother Jones November/December

Dow Jones to buy MarketWatch
  San Francisco Chronicle 11/16/04

Addicted to Peterson trash TV
  San Francisco Chronicle 11/14/04

Chronicle's Salter to Indiana
  Tribune-Star 11/9/04

Press ignored Bush bulge
  Mother Jones 11/1/04

October 2004

Layoffs, cutbacks at Chronicle
  Poynter Institute 10/20/04

Bay Guardian sues New Times
  SF Bay Guardian10/20/04

Knight Ridder profits rise
  Wall Street Journal 10/15/04

Mother Jones editor steps down
  San Francisco Chronicle 10/15/04

Chronicle staff benefits slashed
  Editor & Publisher 10/14/04

S.F. police clam up with press
  San Francisco Chronicle 10/13/04

Free candidate time on KRON
  Broadcasting & Cable 10/13/04

Sinclair TV's Kerry attack
  MediaChannel 10/13/04

1st Amendment aids reporters
  New York Times 10/13/04

Gov. prefers foreign press
  Los Angeles Times 10/12/04

Not all polls created equal
  San Francisco Chronicle 10/10/04

Honoring KPIX's Rodgers
  Alameda Times-Star 10/7/04

Passions and public journalism
  Washington Post, 10/11/04

NYT publisher on reporter rights
 New York Times 10/10/04

Sy Hersh hates gov't secrecy
  KQED-FM's "Forum" 10/6/04

September 2004

Press: fact-check the debates
  FAIR 9/30/04

Project Censored brings alternative news to the fore
  San Francisco Chronicle 9/24/04

Press credibility hits bottom
  Gallup via Free Press 9/23/04

Gillmor, Schell on CBS error
  "Forum" on KQED-FM 9/22/04

Stop the media mergers
  Washington Post 9/22/04

CBS tarnished good newsies
  San Francisco Chronicle 9/21/04

Stop the media mergers
  Washington Post 9/22/04

New political links on Friendster
  NewsDesk.org 9/14/04

Chron 'Lion Heart' series skirts U.S. blame for cluster bombs
  BeyondChron.org 9/17/04

Owners of Merc, Examiner, Oakland Tribune gave to Bush
  Westword 9/16/04

Feds query Merc on BALCO
  Editor & Publisher 9/14/04

Chron publisher talks of cuts
  Romenesko blog, Poynter 9/13/04

Do readers get 'analysis'?
  San Francisco Chronicle 9/12/04

Cops decide who's a journalist
  KQED Perspectives 9/10/04

KQED wins prize for Web quiz
  Inst. for Interactive Journ. 9/10/04

Examiner owner eyes weeklies
  Denver Post 9/7/04

Protesting SF Mission coverage
  BeyondChron.org 9/3/04

2004's top 10 censored stories;
Runners-up; Local censored
  San Francisco Bay Guardian 9/1/04

Protesting SF Mission coverage
  BeyondChron.org 9/3/04

2004's top 10 censored stories;
Runners-up; Local censored
  San Francisco Bay Guardian 9/1/04

Chron and Bush's inconsistency
  BeyondChron.org 9/1/04

August 2004

Chron downplays e-voting mess
  BeyondChron.org 8/26/04

Examiner starts home delivery
  San Francisco Chronicle 8/25/04

Courts undermine free press
  Sacramento Bee 8/23/04

Diversity key for newsrooms
  San Jose Mercury News 8/23/04

Tabloids aid Schwarzenegger
  Los Angeles Magazine, Sept. 2004

KRON starts airing HDTV channel
  San Francisco Chronicle 8/19/04

Chronicle rebuffs source probe
  Editor & Publisher 8/20/04

Three Chronicle reporters asked for info in BALCO leak
  Poynter Institute 8/19/04

US media disgraced at Olympics
  San Francisco Chronicle 8/18/04

Local blogger digs at papers
  Online Journalism Review 8/18/04

Few TV congressional debates
  AP via Free Press 8/19/04

CCT columnist on suburb wildlife
  New York Times 8/19/04

Liberals on media bias myth
  National Public Radio 8/19/04

Inside Clear Channel radio
  Rolling Stone 8/13/04

KNTV can build SF transmitter
  San Francisco Chronicle 8/13/04

New general mgr. at KRON
  San Francisco Chronicle 8/12/04

Editor who shared story fired
  Stockton Record 8/13/04; see
  Poynter 7/30/04 for background

Advocate for celebrity privacy
  San Francisco Chronicle 8/13/04

Anonymous sources overused
  Christian Science Monitor 8/12/04

We the Media by SJMN's Gillmor
  Wired 8/11/04

Chron, Times scoop Bee on cuts
  Sacramento Bee 8/9/04

Bay Area journalism landscape
  ChronWatch.com 8/6/04

FCC picks on public KALW-FM
  East Bay Express 7/28/04

Raucous FCC localism hearing
  Newsdesk.org 8/4/04

Chronicle exaggerates FBI link
  BeyondChron.org 8/4/04

Chinese newspaper war in SF
  San Francisco Chronicle 8/3/04

Peterson-like stories pander
  San Francisco Chronicle 8/3/04

Tip of the iceberg at Chronicle
  ChronWatch.com 8/2/04

Ed: 'Objective' media a myth
Is objectivity the best model?
Objectivity compromises truth
  BeyondChron.org 8/2/04

Chronicle's credibility at risk
  San Francisco Chronicle 8/2/04

July 2004

Canadian to edit SF Examiner
  San Francisco Examiner 7/30/04

Stockton Record gives sources a heads-up on stories
  Poynter Institute 7/30/04

Journalism conflicts of interest
 KQED-FM's 'Forum' 7/30/04

Son of Caen writes in Examiner
 San Francisco Chronicle 7/30/04

Gore TV network plans exposed
 SF Weekly 7/28/04

No vacation for FCC critics;
Ed: 'Revolt in Monterey';
SF sunshine warped by pols;
Ed: 'Supes attack sunshine'
 SF Bay Guardian 7/28/04

Chroncile's Rosen was too PC
 Chronwatch.com 7/27/04

Syndicates replace Ruth Rosen
 San Francisco Chronicle 7/29/04

Chronicle denies bias re Rosen;
McCarthyism at the Chronicle?;
Chronicle's progressive purge
 BeyondChron.com 7/29/04

Homeless girl dupes paper
 Vallejo Times-Herald 7/27/04

Journalist Elie Abel dies at 83
 Stanford Report 7/27/04

Who cares about contributions?
 Village Voice 7/27/04

The man behind Grade the News
 SF Chronicle Magazine 7/25/04

FCC hears localism complaints
 San Jose Mercury News 7/22/04

FCC must probe localism claims
 San Francisco Chronicle 7/18/04

Challenging 'Fair and Balanced'
 Alternet 7/18/04

See 'Outfoxed' at house parties
 San Francisco Chronicle 7/18/04

Berkeley group v. ClearChannel
 UCB Daily Californian 7/15/04

Grassroots opposition to media concentration hits Monterey
 SF Bay Guardian 7/14/04

Radio giants favor richest pols
 SF Bay Guardian 7/14/04

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