Northern California Media Workers Guild

We understand the concerns of management and, indeed, the journalism profession at large, in regard to conflict of interest and political activity. That is why we have negotiated conflict of interest and ethics policies in recent years at both the pre- and post-merger San Francisco Chronicle.

We have not, however, agreed in any manner to the apparent new policy just iterated by Chronicle editorial management, and are outraged by this heavy-handed approach to what is a complicated, sensitive and emotional issue for many of our members.

We consider the new regulations a clear violation of the collective
bargaining process. We believe that the new restrictions also raise
serious First Amendment and civil rights issues along with the
credibility issues cited in the memo. We have asked the company to rescind the regulations until talks can be held with the Guild.

Doug Cuthbertson
executive officer

Michael Cabanatuan
Local president

Kathleen Rhodes
Chronicle unit chair